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Over 1,000,000 KeyScrambler users in the world know firsthand that with KeyScrambler their identity and digital assets are so much safer. Some have taken the time to write us about their experience with KeyScrambler. We hope you appreciate their comments, as we at QFX Software do.

  • "I wanted to take a moment to say what an amazing piece of software KeyScrambler is. I first used the free browser extension when I was about 14 years old and I thought that it was the most fascinating thing. . . . I believe that your software was an inspiration to me to pursue a degree in computer engineering. It just hit me one day that now I finally have a job and could purchase a license! I was very excited to find that this software is still around and that it's still used. I hope for many more successful years, and I hope to see KeyScrambler around for years to come." -- User J.
  • "I use your product on my Windows computer and have loved it for years. Have installed it on a lot of my friends' computers too. Thank you for a great product." -- Clem P. from Australia
  • "I want to express my sincere gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart for protecting cryptocoin wallets. I have goose bumps just writing this. Over the past few weeks my computer has been acting weird. I ran a scan with an antispyware software and found a trojan, and pulled it out. I thought no more about it. The PC was still not acting right. So I thought it might be a good idea to clean some old stuff off my hard drive. When I went into my roaming folder I found a folder with a strange name like 8ughrbfebfinewinfiuerbfueyf, and in that folder was another folder called "logs" and in that folder was .dat files that started with kb and some numbers. I saw kb and thought keyboard, and umm... log folder!?!?!? I thought, hmm... weird, wonder what's in it. When I opened them with notepad I was terrified by what I saw. It was clear that the trojan I had removed a few weeks ago was a keylogger geared SPECIFICALLY to steal my cryptocoins and was clearly attempting to obtain all of my passwords. The ONLY reason I have not lost everything I've been working for full time for more than a year is because KEYSCRAMBLER PREMIUM 3.6 SCRAMBLED ALL OF MY PASSWORDS! THANK YOU AGAIN X1000." -- Gareth S.
  • "With the newest update [KeyScrambler 3.5] from you, all issues have been addressed, and it now works very fine. And now I have the feeling of security it gives. Congratulations on making a perfect program." -- Henning E.
  • "I always recommend KeyScrambler Pro as a must have security software to anyone I know. Keep up the good work!" -- Tommy M.
  • "Thank you so much for developing this great product. I recently had a keylogger attack, and I feel so much safer now with KeyScrambler Premium. I have been recommending it to all of my friends." -- Judy D.
  • "I've been a KeyScrambler fan for many years, but because I use the Firefox browser that had many problems I had to use an alternative. I decided to try the new "stand alone" version 3.0. What a perfect 'union' now with Firefox! It works better than ever! Thank You." -- Fred A.
  • "About a month ago, I received calls from my bank and my brokerage firm where I have my retirement fund. Someone had hacked into both accounts and were setting me up to be stripped of all my savings. The hackers got my user IDs and passwords through both a keylogger on my computer as well as having hacked into the "secure server" of the virtual private network (VPN) service I had just subscribed to (iPIG VPN)! The fraud departments of both the brokerage house and bank froze all my accounts in order to investigate my situation and the keylogging infestation. Luckily, I did not lose any of my savings, but I was definitely at risk. I went to your website and bought KeyScrambler Premium. Now I just feel so much safer." -- Alex W.
  • "I am just really impressed! Thank you for developing such a fine product." -- Alden B.
  • "I have been using your software and have recommended it to many people. My husband has even introduced it to his employer. You have also promptly addressed a problem I had and solved it. Nothing but glowing praise from us." -- Darlar H.
  • "Thank you so very much for your brilliant piece of software, which I rely on to protect my browser when at my banking site. Many thanks." -- Goosey W.
  • "First, let me tell you how thrilled I am with KeyScrambler Personal, Professional, and Premium. Personal computing is scary stuff these days. I love your KeyScrambler Premium and feel very secure and safe on the web now. You're appreciated!" -- Christine L.
  • "I love this little add on as I do online banking and feel a lot more secure knowing that my information's protected. Way to go." -- Patricia G.
  • "Your product is awesome. Thanks." -- Henry D.
  • "This is just to let you have a small 'Thank You' for all the effort taken by you folks to make using the internet more safe for the user. I have just downloaded and installed the new update version of KeyScrambler 2.0. I definitely sleep a lot better, knowing that KeyScrambler is protecting my security passwords, log-ins and now with the 2.0 version other important functions, such as email messages I type, during my working session on the internet. So keep up the most important work you folks at QFX are doing - since it really is appreciated a lot." -- Pierre G.
  • "I want you to know that I really like KeyScrambler, and it's a wonderful addition towards helping keep my computer safer while online. Keep up the good work!!!" -- BJ M.
  • "This is a great product!" -- Hiroshi
  • "I also downloaded 'Best Free Keylogger' from SourceForge for the sake of testing the functionality of the plug-in. I can say - after numerous checks - that the plug-in works very well!" -- Edward S.
  • "My best compliments for KeyScrambler! Now I feel safer than ever before. . ." -- Giuseppe M. from Italy
  • "Great product . . ." -- Paul
  • "Great Idea!!" -- Peter L. from Australia
  • "I tested it too with BFK [Best Free Keylogger] - username, pwd and email get encrypted. Fine Work!" -- Lebewesen
  • "KeyScrambler Personal is an extremely useful tool to effectively prevent your real login info from being captured by keylogger. I have tested it and it works as claimed." -- Terry T.

  • "Been a huge fan and devout user since your early Firefox addon. I recommend your KeyScrambler software to all my professional and casual colleagues. I do businesses consulting and run a online gaming community of 2k+ members worldwide. Thank you for keeping this software updated. It has protected my gaming accounts let alone other sensitive data for near a decade." -- Richard B.
  • "No wonder you receive such good reviews, perfect product + perfect service. Thank you very much." -- Haris J.
  • "Very nice work on the apps. I've been using KeyScrambler Premium for years and recommend it to all my friends and clients." -- Joseph P.
  • "I tell everyone I know to download Keyscrambler. Won't put anything personal out there without it. Thanks again for such an awesome product." -- Deb M."
  • Thank you for building this awesome KeyScrambler which really helps to protect against one of the most critical threats. I love that you already support Keepass as I use it for nearly all systems." -- Robert S.
  • "First of all I wanted to say thanks for this awesome tool. It's just amazing and so simple. Anyway I have the Premium version and it works awesome for word documents, etc. I LOVE KEYSCRAMBLER." -- Anan
  • "We released our conclusions on KeyScrambler Premium to our clients. The 'short version' is that we recommended the program. Congratulations on a well-done product." -- Bob L., Security Consultant
  • "Been using this software for years and really love it." -- Andre A.
  • "This is a great product, keep it going!" -- Jason C.
  • "I stumbled upon your product and I think it's beautiful. Thanks for making it available." -- William C.
  • "KeyScrambler is a delight to use." -- Stanislav P.
  • "I really love your product and I have been recommending it to all my friends. It's wonderful. Thanks to you guys." -- Sam D.
  • "All of these years I've known about your product but not until today didI install the free version to test its salt. I have to tell you it's well beyond what I was expecting. There are other applications that work in a different way, Zemana has one, I used it off and on with another application name Mamutu, both can't come close to the technology found in KeyScrambler." -- Lee P.
  • "Thank you for a wonderful product. As a Warcraft gamer, I endorse KeyScrambler to everyone!!" -- Jeanette
  • "I love the program and to be honest I'm so happy to have it." -- Demetri A.
  • "You are awesome! Since we switched over to a new laptop my wife will not do her online banking without your software installed and working. She loves it, glad I actually opened up my wallet and bought something she would use!" -- Ed B.
  • "KeyScrambler Pro has been my friendly companion for some time now, as prior to that I was a victim of a keylogger. It has been a life-saver and identity-saver for me, and I would not start my computer without it. It appears to be the best kept secret on the internet. In addition, you guys offer tremendous and expeditious customer support, with great follow-up. Keep up the good work!" -- Rocky S.
  • "I really really like KeyScrambler! It's such a nice feeling knowing that KeyScrambler Premium is on guard from the time I boot up until I shut down. It's also fun watching the scrambling that's going on! BTW, I really DO have a life . . . seriously I do . . . it's just that it's fun glancing at the green bar once in a while, and seeing the various characters that show up!"-- Sandy S.
  • "I love and am NEVER without my KeyScrambler Personal. I've gotten my husband, mother, 2 sisters and my mail lady using your wonderful product since I have been using mine. Now I am truly looking forward to using the Pro version." -- Cynthia R.
  • "I recently purchased KeyScrambler Premium and it seems to work great! I would like to add it to my notebook as well as get a couple of licenses for my father's computers. Thank you." -- Matthew C.
  • "My wife and I both have your KeyScrambler Premium on our computers and I'm about to purchase a KeyScrambler Premium license for my father-in-law as a Christmas present. This is a fantastic program!" -- Ron P.
  • "I've been using your premium version for a week or so now and I have to say that it works perfectly each and every time. Your software ensures that my data is protected from whatever keyloggers that could be present on my machine. Keep up the good work." -- Dave W.
  • "Congratulations for such an effective yet simple idea. It really works! I'm already recommending your product to several people that ask for my advice. Thanks much for supplying us with a killer app like this one." -- Euler G.
  • "You guys have done such a great job. I've told everyone about your program." -- Debbie D.
  • "I've been using your software for about a year now with great results." -- Axel M.
  • "Salut la gang de KeyScrambler, KeyScrambler est un produit merveilleux qui me fait sentir en sécurité lorsque j'effectue mes opérations bancaires. J'aime bien voir la petite fentre qui me montre que mes mots de passe ont été encryptés. Félicitations." -- Robert J. from Canada
  • "Thanks for a great product that should deserve more publicity." -- Nicolas De R. from France
  • "This software is a unique way of adding security while you surf and do business on the web, and I have recommended my web guest and colleagues to check it out as well." -- Wayne S.

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