QFX Software Corporation Privacy Policy

1. In General

QFX Software's privacy policy covers the collection and use of the personally identifying information that we ask you to provide when you purchase our products or services or interact with our sales or support associates. "Personally identifying information" is information that individually identifies you, such as your name, physical address, and email address. Your privacy is an important issue at QFX Software, and we design and operate our services and products with the protection of your privacy in mind. Please take a few minutes to learn more about our privacy principles and practices, including what type of personal information we collect and why we collect it, and what measures we take to safeguard it.

2. What information we collect and for what purpose

We ask for your personal information when you're signing up for QFX services, purchasing a QFX product, downloading a software update, or requesting support to a service or product. At such times, your personal information is required to identify you as a valid customer.

Some of our services and products may also require that you register or be registered for your online accounts with your bank(s) and credit card companies, which may ask you for some personal information in order to create an account (typically your name, email address and a password for your account). We collect only your name, address, and email address to identify your account and for providing technical support. The rest of the information is saved on your personal computer but is NOT collected by us. All of your personal information may also be saved on the online servers of your bank(s) and credit card companies. Please see their privacy policy statements for information on how these entities handle your personal information.

3. How we safeguard the information we collect

Security is a major priority at QFX software, and we take great care to protect your personal information. Any personally identifying information you provide to us is protected by encryption and is not available to anyone else through us.

We do NOT rent or sell your personally identifying information to other companies or individuals. Data generated by you using KeyScrambler are encrypted and stored only on your computer.

4. Cookies

We do not use cookies to collect personal information.

QFX Software may update its privacy policy from time to time. When we change the policy in a substantive way, a notice will be posted on our home page along with our updated privacy policy.

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